Custom Cabinetry - Balloon Workstation

Your balloon work area will be an efficient, well organized work and merchandising area. We've included lots of storage and placed everything you need at your fingertips to ensure a quick work flow.

  • Laminate, bumper and trim to match your interior.
  • Helium tank locker - keep it safe, out of sight but within reach.
  • Work counter. Specify the length you need to maximize your space.
  • Easy to reach most used items - Balloon Bins and Ribbon Rack.
  • Work Order Area.
  • Storage bins and under counter storage.
  • Balloon Corral.
  • Customer side becomes a full merchandising area.
  • Specialty stand alone display can be created to best meet your needs.

Balloon Workstation

We can design and build displays to fit your specific needs.

Balloon Workstation

Work counter, balloon bins, ribbon rack and storage.

Balloon Workstation Product Sheet

Balloon Workstation

Customer display side, fully merchandised.