floral display

Door Case

Many options available to create the perfect door case.

  • Laminate, bumper and trim to match your interior.
  • Shelving choices:
    • Tempered Glass for arrangements.
    • Powder coated, angled bucket shelving for bouquets and bunches.
    • Our unique 2 in 1 converting shelf to display as a flat or angled shelf.
  • Back wall options:
    • Mirrored slat wall.
    • Powder coat black.
  • LED Lighting - Overhead and in door.
  • Styleline Doors - select your surface finish.
  • Remote or Self-Contained Refrigeration.

floral display fixture

PDR In-line Door Series

floral display fixture

FourFront - Tall Profile Island

floral display fixture

Integrated Door Displays