Tall Profile Island

We offer some unique options for a full 360 degree shopping experience.

  • Slat Wall, laminate, bumper and trim to your specifications.
  • Shelving choices: Tempered Glass or Powder coated, angled bucket shelving for bouquets and bunches.
  • Refrigerated section back wall options: Mirrored slat wall or Powder coat black.
  • LED Lighting - Overhead and in door.
  • SlyleLine Doors - many styles, select your surface finish.
  • Remote or Self-Contained Refrigeration.

tall profile island display

FourFront - Tall profile island

You'll be able to merchandise on all four sides of this fixture. Back to back refrigeration. Side to side slat wall with shelving.

FourFront Tall Island Product Sheet

tall profile island display

Refrigerated floral display available with our with out doors.

tall profile island display

Our SP unit in a back to back configuration.