Tall Profile - FD Floralwall®

A barrier free fixture that presents the flowers to the customer at the proper angle. Try our new slim glass side panels for greater product visibility. The open design will drive an easy impulse purchase.

Shelving Choices:

  • Tempered Glass for arrangements.
  • Powder coated, angled bucket shelving to display bouquets at the correct angle.
  • Our unique conversion shelf to display as a flat or angle shelf.
  • Piano Black laminate (Standard).
  • End panel choices: Insulated Glass, Solid Panel or Inset Thermal Pane.
  • Mirrored slat back wall.
  • Mirrored interior side panels.
  • LED Lighting.
  • Low temperature, high humidity floral envelope for long shelf life.
  • Available remote or self-contained cooling.

tall profile floralwall

FD 4 end cap with inset thermal pane glass.

tall profile floralwall

FD 8

FD 8 with 5 row bucket display.

FD8 Product Sheet

tall profile floralwall


FD 7 end cap with angled corners combined with a side FD 4.

FD7 / FD4 Product Sheet

tall profile floralwall

FD 6

FD 6 with converting shelves.

FD6 Product Sheet

tall profile floralwall

FD 8 - curved front version.