Tall Profile - SP Floralwall®

The SP is our Self-Watering, tall profile case. Minimize daily labor, your flowers with always have a fresh full vase of water. Our barrier free design will drive the impulse purchases.

Shelving Choices:

  • Tempered Glass for arrangements.
  • Powder coated, angled bucket shelving to display bouquets at the correct angle.
  • Our unique 2 in 1 conversion shelf to display as a flat or angle shelf.
  • Display a combination of self-watering vases and shelving.
  • Piano Black laminate (Standard).
  • End panel choices: Insulated Glass, Solid Panel or Inset thermal pane.
  • Mirrored slat back wall.
  • Mirrored interior side panels.
  • LED Lighting.
  • Low temperature, high humidity floral envelope for long shelf life.
  • Available remote or self-contained cooling.

tall profile floralwall


SP7 with 45 degree end.
SP7 45R Product Sheet

tall profile floralwall


SP6 with curved front.
SP6 Arc Product Sheet